Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have to admit that until about a month ago I had never heard of a "Groom's Cake". However, I just love the idea of it!!! From the reading I've been doing it seems pretty common that it be served during the Rehearsal Dinner.
I've been trying to come up with a few ideas that Pepe may like and here's my progress so far....
I've seen so many wedding photos lady where couples are opting to use cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. Although I've decided against this for the reception, I think a "cupcake tower" would be really fun for the Grooms Cake.

The Whiskey Bits Bake Shop offers some really fun flavors:
Ginger Beer
Gingerbread cake, Guinness Stout beer with orange-spiced cream cheese frosting (Pepe loves Guiness).
Bourbon Oat
Oat spice cake, ginger, bourbon whiskey with caramel-spiced cream cheese frosting.

Since we are both Hokies and our wedding is slap dap in the middle of college football season how cute would it be to top the tower with one of these fun cake toppers? :)

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  1. haha... i have pictures saved of football helmet shaped cakes that we'll probably be doing for the groom's cake in good 'ol orange and maroon(we're actually doing cupcakes for the reception).
    i'm just waiting for our official date to be booked to start making my calls to get the Hokie Bird at our reception! i am SO excited! it's going to be the best surprise ever!