Saturday, November 22, 2008

Freddy & Ma...

It's my hope that my lovely bridesmaids will enjoy following along with this blog, so for that very reason I didn't plan on exploring the bridesmaid gifts on this blog. However, I can't resist sharing this lovely site I came across. With that said, ladies, this is by no means what I'm going to get you it's just something I love! ;)
Freddy & Ma is this great company created by a brother and sister team. They allow you to customize handbags, pillows and plates in various shapes, sizes and designs! Their online customizing shop is just plain addicting!
Our colors are mostly ivory and greens with pops of Tiffany blue, coral and copper.
I haven't yet decided what color the bridesmaid dresses will be, but I'm leaning towards champagne.
Here are some of the bags I designed earlier today as well as a few pictures from their website.

Oh yeah, only 328 days to go! :D

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