Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have a Sweet Tooth...

Don't you just wish you could pick a couple of these right off the page and into your mouth? :)
It's amazing how many sites there are that offer online cake, cookies and candy shopping!
Although we've decided to have the "Cookie Bar" as favors for our guest I'm still hoping to offer or gift some of these yummy goodies at either the Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, etc.

Photo 1: These are toasted cocunut marshmellows and they are made of completely vegan & organic ingredients, which as a vegeterian I love! Word of mouth is that it's impossibly to eat just one! Find them along with other flavors @
Photo 2: What I love most about this taffy is that it's offered in various flavors and comes w/custom labels. Check it out at
Photo 3: Oh how I love cake, and these Petit Fours are the perfect bite-sized goodies. They are also available in different flavors and colors, plus they offer monogramming.
Photo 4: These are definitely a treat you don't see everyday, but these dark chocolate covered pears are rumored to be to die for! Apple is also available, but how cute would it be to have the pears and a label that reads "Emie & Pepe, the perfect pear"?
Photo 5: Das Foods is known for their caramel chocolates and there's something about this dark chocolate piece with toasted walnuts that just makes me think of Fall.
Photo 6&7: These just warm my heart, I love the dollop of icing perfectly placed on these mini cupcakes! This site has some amazing cookies as well and the packaging is out of this world.
Photo 8: Martine makes chocolates in some of the coolest shapes and sizes you've ever seen! These just happen to catch my eye because I love the monogramming.

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